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Buy Online Pick-Up In Store

BOPIS for Shopify - Show in-store product availability on PDP and fulfill from Shopify POS

Check out how HotWax Commerce BOPIS app enables retailers to offer same-day pick-up in store with accurate inventory levels right on the product detail page.

BOPIS for Shopify - Receive inventory in Shopify POS and instantly offer BOPIS on PDP

Check out how HotWax Commerce BOPIS app makes in store inventory available to online customers in real-time, instantly allowing inventory for pick up.

BOPIS for Shopify - Sync Shopify POS sales to prevent BOPIS overpromising

Check out how ​​HotWax Commerce BOPIS app syncs in store inventory in real-time from the Shopify POS system, and helps in avoiding over-promising. 

BOPIS for Shopify - Increase AOV (average order value) with mixed cart

Check out how HotWax Commerce BOPIS app enables Shopify retailers to increase AOVs by leveraging a mixed cart so that customers no longer have to place separate orders for pick-up and shipping products.

Ship From Store

Order Routing Engine - The Order Routing Software of Omnichannel Order Management System

Check out how Order routing software of HotWax Commerce Omnichannel Order Management System helps retailers to achieve speedy delivery with reduced costs.

Ship From Store - Reduce delivery time and costs by fulfilling online orders from store

Check out how HotWax Commerce Ship From Store App, enables store associates to fulfill orders directly from local stores with a simple, easy-to-use web application. 


Pre-Order Management for Shopify

Check out how HotWax Commerce Pre-Order Management app helps to improve speed-to-market by selling future inventory and sell more full-price inventory and thereby reduce markdowns.

Store Inventory Management

Inventory Tracking in HotWax Commerce

Check out how HotWax Commerce enables retailers to easily track their inventory from the moment a Purchase Order is placed, all the way to the moment it is shipped out to customers, making sure they get a maximum return on their inventory.

Omnichannel Retail Sales Audit

Omnichannel Retail Sales Audit Software (OReSA) - Simplify Monthly Retail Sales Audit Process

Check out how OReSA helps retailers automate their monthly sales auditing process, quickly catch data integration errors, and ensure data integrity.

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